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Guided by your goals and interests, join Allure online, in person or use a hybrid approach to make your experience one that fits your life!

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Too busy to work out? Too tired? Bored of the gym? We’ve got you!  At Allure, we help you fit fitness into your life in a way that’s effortless, with fun and challenging classes and a supportive community that will make you feel like a rockstar!

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Allure Fitness Inc. is THE place in Hamilton to get sexy and get fit since 2009, offering the women of our community a safe and welcoming space to experience and enjoy fitness in!  We are located in Westdale Village (close to McMaster), and are thrilled to be able to provide the choice of in person, online, and hybrid options – making fitness accessible and available to everyone that wants to work out with us!  With over 68 Readers Choice Awards under our belt, it’s time you see what all the fuss is about!


pole & aerial

Whether you want to spin on a pole, fly in an aerial hoop, hang out in suspension yoga, or try out one of our specialty workshops, we’d love to see you in the studio!  Experience the difference that dedicating yourself to a fun, challenging workout regime can provide.  Join our community, celebrate the wins and find out all the amazing things your body is capable of!

ONLINE personal training

Inspiring workouts, supportive community and a trainer that listens and understands. Experience our flexible method to creating momentous movement in your world!


Sweat it out with us in our exclusive members only, fully stacked on demand library.  An AFX Online membership solves all your fitness woes – giving you convenience, variety and plenty of motivation, whichever option you choose!!  Oh, and if you like to come to classes in person too – we have a membership for that!

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