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Michelle Kriedemann

As owner of Allure Fitness Inc., I get to meet amazing people with incredible stories every day. We see all shapes, sizes and ages, and seeing students having fun and building excitement in classes makes my day, every day! The goal I set for our entire team is to offer challenging workouts while providing you the opportunity to work at your own level and stay motivated. I opened Allure in 2009 with the vision of having a place for women to have fun while they work out, and escape for a little while. Since then, so many of our classes and programs have evolved and been redeveloped; it never ceases to amaze me.

Since I set the bar high for all of us here at Allure, I do my best to keep on top of all things health, wellness, yoga and fitness related. My personal trainings include:
Pole (of course!)

Trigger Point Therapy
200HR Yoga Teacher Training at De La Sol Yoga
200HR Yoga Teacher Training at Anjeli Yoga
40HR Yin Training
Personal Training certification through Can-Fit-Pro

Master Trainer through ISSA with specialties:

– Personal Training Specialist

– Sports Nutrition Specialist

– Corrective Exercise Specialist

– Bodybuilding Specialist

– DNA Based Coach

– Transformation Specialist

300HR Yoga Teacher Training at De La Sol Yoga

Numerous workshops and one-on-one trainings with other yoga, pole and fitness professionals in the industry to make sure you are receiving the absolute best classes and workouts possible.

Feel free to get in touch with me any time you have a question; I’m here to help!

I’m looking forward to seeing you in classes soon!

Meet Our Talented TEAM

The Alluring Ladies


After being introduced to pole by my sister’s best friend at an open house, I wanted to try pole classes. I found a wagjag for Polekitten 101 at Allure and I haven’t stopped since. Not only is pole a fun way to work out and gain so much strength, but you become part of an amazing and supportive community. I became an instructor to share my love of pole and fitness with other women, and to help them gain the strength, confidence, and friendships that pole has given me! Allure is so much more than a place to work out! I can’t wait to see you in class!


I’m too old, I don’t like exercise, I’m not strong… the top 3 myths I believed before I joined Allure. I took Polekitten 101 thinking that would be the start and end of my journey. 6 years later Allure has proved to me that I’m never to old, exercise can be fun and you can gain strength! From pole to boot camp and everything in between I’m so happy to be a part of the Allure Family.


As she has always done, my older sister introduced me to something new and supported me to push myself in giving the 90 Day Get Fit Challenge a try. Given my passion as an Allure Zumba student it seemed like a natural fit to get trained and join the Allure instructor team. In 2014 I joined Allure as a licensed Zumba instructor, since then I have gone on to train in other classes and love to spread joy and compassion to the wonderful ladies who visit the studio. I look forward to seeing you in class!

& Reception

I have always been interested in different forms of dance so in 2015 when my best friend suggested we try pole dancing, I couldn’t resist! I was hooked after my first class and immediately wanted to try everything on the schedule. I also was attending Mohawk College for Health, Wellness, & Fitness at the time so when the opportunity arose to join the team I jumped at the chance. Since then, I’ve trained in almost everything Allure offers! Getting to see students achieve their goals in classes always brings a smile to my face and I can’t wait to see you crush yours too!


I grew up in Calgary, moved to Banff for three years, returned and then moved to Hamilton in 2016. My passions include travelling, dancing and slowly challenging my fears.
I started going to Allure Fitness to try different ways to stay active and motivated in May 2018. It was the best decision that I’ve ever made as continue to work towards my fitness goals. You’ll often find me participating in my favorite drop-in classes: Extreme Abs, Sexy Stretch, PoleFit and PoleFlow.


When I found pole fitness, I never looked back! When I saw the ad for an instructor position I thought to myself, “That would be the coolest job ever!” So I applied. I went through the in-house training program here at Allure and completed my Personal Training certification through the International Sports Science Association. I get very excited for all of my students when they learn something new or master a move they have been working on for a while. I love to watch and be a part of my students’ transformations; it is probably the greatest feeling in the world.


In April 2017, a girlfriend and I decided we wanted to try something different, and focus on fun more so than working out. It was then we found Allure. After my first Pole Tease class I knew I was hooked and started coming to drop in classes every day. Since then I’ve been hooked on pole and dabbling in aerial hoop. Allure isn’t just a gym. It’s a community where you can come together with a group of incredible ladies to achieve your goals. Come reach yours!


Allure is a place where you can achieve your fitness goals in a safe and encouraging environment. In 2011, I started taking Yoga and Boot Camp classes and eventually decided to step out of my comfort zone and try a pole class. I’m so incredibly glad that I did! I have gained strength I never knew I was capable of and have learned so much. The most rewarding thing as an instructor is being able to help students achieve their goals and seeing the excitement in their faces when they do. I look forward to seeing you in class!


I love taking and teaching all of the classes here at the studio, but my absolute favourite is pole! I remember when I first started pole classes and how it helped me build confidence and feel great. I love helping others achieve that transition and seeing their “yes I did it!” moment! Remember: never give up or say “I can’t” and always have fun! See you in class!


I went to an allure open house and lets just say, I felt home! The atmosphere was supportive, everyone was friendly, and I laughed…a lot! I enrolled in my first aerial hoop course and burlesque class that day! When I purchased my first pair of Pleasers, I was committed! Before I knew it I was a platinum member, attending multiple drop-ins a week and actually seeing results. The bonus with the membership was getting to meet and dance with such amazing ladies. I am so jazzed to be a part of the allure instructor team. I am excited to share my passion for fitness, hoop, and dance with you; while helping you achieve your own personal goals!


After spending a month in Europe in 2016, I completely lost my motivation in the gym and was inspired to learn to pole dance, after seeing someone in Europe show off her strength through pole tricks. I did a google search when I got home and found Allure. I signed up for Polekitten 101 and took advantage of the intro special to try the fun drop ins I heard about, and have been hooked ever since.


In 2015, I was looking for a different form of exercise that didn’t consist of running on treadmills. I saw an ad for Allure and that same year I attended my first pole class. I have been enjoying pole, aerial hoop and group exercise classes ever since. I became an instructor because I love helping students reach their goals and step out of their comfort zones in such a positive environment.

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